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Traffic feel crazy? Ride Bustang, sit back & be lazy.

Bustang is a convenient transportation service that offers flat-rate tickets for trips between Colorado Springs, the Tech Center and downtown Denver. Complimentary Wi-Fi, USB/power outlets, a restroom, luggage bays, bike racks and ADA accessibility await you. Curious about how it works? We are here to answer your questions.

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Solo commute a bore? Vanpooling is fun with more!

When you join a vanpool, you get access to a vehicle for five to 15 people—either a seven-passenger vehicle or a 15-passenger full-size van—complete with insurance, maintenance and fuel. Plus, you can split the costs between all members of your vanpool, saving you money and keeping stress levels low. Fun fact: vanpools have one of the best cost per mile rates in Colorado. Let us help you join an existing vanpool or provide you with the resources to start your own. Questions about how it works? Let’s get in touch.

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Stressful drive? Carpool & thrive.

Finding a carpool has never been easier! The My Way to Go carpool matching website connects you with nearby co-workers, friends and neighbors. If you don’t see anyone in the My Way to Go network to connect with, let us know! We can work with you to help find commuters to share the ride, costs, and vehicle wear and tear.

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About the Construction Project

The Colorado Department of Transportation is improving 18 miles of Interstate 25 between Monument to south of Castle Rock, known as the Gap. The I-25 South Gap project will widen the road from two to three lanes in each direction. The new lane will operate as an Express Lane, allowing motorists the choice of taking the Express Lane for faster and more reliable travel times in exchange for a toll or driving in the general-purpose lanes for free. Carpools with three or more people will be able to ride in the Express Lanes for free. Project benefits include:

  • Safety: Wide shoulder to provide space for emergency pull-off and response
  • Driver choice: Express Lane in each direction, plus two general-purpose lanes
  • Wildlife protection: Five new crossings and deer fencing
  • Upgraded infrastructure: Repair or replace four aging bridges and extend ramps
  • Smoother ride: New overlay to the existing pavement
  • Improved truck access: Climbing lanes near Monument Hill and the Greenland exit
  • Advanced technology: Modernize communications along the corridor

The cost of the project is $350 million. Substantial completion of the project is expected in late 2021, with Express Lanes opening in 2022.

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Have you been working from home?

Help us gather data on how teleworking impacts traffic during the I-25 South Gap construction project. It’s simple:

1. Click on the link below to join the I-25 MyWay network.
2. When prompted, create a new account or log into your current account.
3. Log the days you work from home by entering your home and work address and then selecting “Telework” as your mode of travel.
4. You’re done! Thanks for your help in gathering this data.
As always, we are here to help you plan your travel through the Gap. Email us anytime at